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Hello, I'm Ayako, massage therapist😊
I studied massage in Australia between end of Jan. 2017 - Mar. 2019. During these days, I went to school, worked, relaxed at beach etc. I had a lot of things.
This time I'm gonna write about massage school.
I went to Massage Schools of Queensland (MSQ), which is located in Gold Coast. This school has relate with Tokyo Remedial Therapy Academy (TRTA) that I learned massage there before. So that I just thought MSQ should be all right. Also, there is a Japanese staff and I can tell him easily if I have any questions or problems. 
MSQ has these courses;
- Certificate IV in Massage Therapy
- Diploma of Remedial Massage
- Diploma of Clinical Aromatherapy
Certificate IV in Massage Therapy is studying basic of massage like anatomy, phisiology, relaxation massage, reflexology, deep tissue etc. All students will start at this course include diploma courses. Besides the class, the students are required student clinic for 80hrs which is giving massage to the clients in school. 
This course Certificate IV was the hardest, for me😅 
Diploma courses are more professional for technic and knowledge. After graduate, the students will be given Australian qualification and they can apply the provider number.
Diploma of Remedial Massage is studying lots of techniques like trigger points release, muscle energy techniques, mobilization, lymphatic drainage massage etc. I could have an oppotunity outside class; massage to professional sports team. Student clinic 200 hrs required (one hour / person).
Diploma of Clinical aromatherapy is studying not only knowledeg of essential oil, also spa treatments; hot stone massage, facial treatment etc. and products making. Student clinic 120 treatments required (90min / treatment).
I took the both of diploma courses, remedial massage first and then clinical aromatherapy.
The classes are carried out in English. All students study hard include native English students, not only non-native. Because anatomy or phisiology has unusual words a lot and we have to remember muscle name, action, bone landmarks etc. So students help each other in the class.
At the practical classes, the teacher shows the skill to students frist, then the students make pairs and practice each other. If they don't know well, they can ask the teacher each time. Also the students can use the learned skill at the student clinic. Their skill can be improved and they get more confidence👍✨
The number of students in a class is depend on the starting day. In my case, there were about 20 students at the beginning but it became about a half at diploma course.
At the beginning, my class was multi-national; Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, USA, Poland and Japan. There were about a half of local students in my class.
In diploma of clinical aromatherapy class, it was smaller than my remedial massage class and there were English, Taiwaneese and Japanese (me) students. 
Maybe some students worry about the study becuase it's hard, professional and different language for non-native English speakers. Almost students don't know anything at the beginning and even experienced students don't know all of skill and knowledge. Experinced students were less than a half in my class, I think.  Therefore, my classmates helped each other in the class and home-works. The teachers understand about it.
Also there was extra classes every two weeks for Certificate IV students. If we couldn't understand well in the class, we could ask the tutor at the extra class. She told us easily and clearly. Especially international (Japanese) students are helped by her.   
Teachers in MSQ are really professional with lots of experienced and knowledge.  The students could have oppotunity outside class and ask teachers easily. I felt comfotable to study massage and aromatherapy at this school.
Graduated all courses
Thank you for reading for the long post😊
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